The table top before restoration showing some of the many water stains The new catch and bolts under the table The finished table with tilting mechanism restored The radiant mahogany top of the finished table The shining new French polished surface of the table

Techniques Used in This Project

Restoration of Woodwork Restoration of Woodwork
French Polishing French Polishing

A Victorian Tilt Top Table


This table had seen better times. It had been used as a shelf for plant pots for many years and as a consequence large water rings and stains were ingrained in the top. Furthermore, the tilting mechanism was broken and the catches were missing.


The wood on the tabletop was sanded and bleached with specialist chemicals to remove all the stains as they were deeply ingrained. After sanding, successive layers of French polish were then built up until the top gained a mirror like shine which really brought out the beauty of the mahogany wood. The base was also sanded and polished.


The nails hammered in incorrectly to hold the top of the table to the leg were carefully removed and the swing action of the table restored by sourcing the historically correct hinge bolts and new brass table catch. The full original tilt mechanism was reinstalled restoring full functionality to the table.