The front legs showing how they were cut to half their height The back legs had been removed and replaced with a block and castor The newly made rear leg with backwards rake The two front legs after turning on the lathe One of the front legs ready to be glued The chair sitting upside-down on the workbench showing the replaced set of legs

Techniques Used in This Project

Traditional Upholstery Traditional upholstery
Restoration of Woodwork Restoration of Woodwork
French Polishing Polishing

The German Consul's Armchair


The current owner of this armchair bought it from the daughter of the German Consul in Victorian era Glasgow. It is believed that it came from Germany when the family moved over and is, we have to say, one of the most comfortable chairs that we have ever sat on.


A long low seat that you sink into with twenty springs giving a soft base below a feather cushion, and a back with springs covered not in the traditional coir and horse hair stuffing, but with a built in feather pillow. Altogether a chair for sinking into for a long evening's read.


Sadly at some point the original feet had been cut off from the back of the chair and reduced in height at the front. The client asked us to reinstate the back legs and raise the front legs to full height.


Matching mahogany was obtained and the back legs were cut to shape, matching the backwards rake with the line of the chair back. The front legs were turned on the lathe as a pair with large built-in dowels. Holes were drilled in the front legs to receive the turned legs and dowels were used to lock them in place from the back. The legs were then stained and polished to match the chair. The chair was then fully reupholstered.