The chair showing it's broken leg to the left A detail of the shattered section The new wood for the leg Drawing showing measurements for the new piece The new piece turned on the lathe Three legged chair Ready for installation The leg glued in place & clamped to dry Reupholstering the chair The chair up to calico stage Original velvet restored to match the rest of the set The finished leg repair The chair after restoration The chair after restoration

Techniques Used in This Project

Traditional Upholstery Traditional upholstery
Restoration of Woodwork Restoration of Woodwork
French Polishing Polishing

A Victorian Balloon Back Chair With A Broken Leg


This lovely Victorian balloon back chair was one of a set owned by the client. At some point in the past, the leg of the chair had shattered towards the top and the client wanted it repaired so it could be used.


The leg was removed and a piece of matching timber obtained. The shattered part of the chair was re-created on the lathe to the exact dimensions of the original, it was then distressed to match the original. The broken section was removed from the leg and the new section was secured by means of two dowels and glue. The wood was then stained to colour match the original and polished and waxed.