The armchair before reupholstery showing the dent where the springs had collapsed The cord and hessian holding the springs together had completly disintegrated The armchair before reupholstery The armchair in pieces being repaired The armchair being reassembled The new springs in place & tied to their hessian cover The new springs completed The metal reinforcing brackets on the arms The arms reinstalled The coir stuffing on the back The first stuffing on the back & base complete The second stuffing of horsehair The completed arm chair The completed arm chair from the side A detail of the hand stitched arm

Techniques Used in This Project

Traditional Upholstery Traditional upholstery
Restoration of Woodwork Restoration of Woodwork
French Polishing Polishing

Edwardian Armchair


This much-loved family chair had been practically flattened by two growing boys! Two broken arms splayed outwards, springs which had totally collapsed and webbing which was hanging out the bottom onto the ground.


This project was a complete rebuild. The chair was stripped of all its upholstery and the arms and back removed so that the joints could be cleaned and re-glued with traditional animal glue. In this case additional metal brackets were added due to the weakness of the arm joints. Once the chair frame was rebuilt, it was re-webbed, sprung and traditionally upholstered with coir fibre, horsehair and cotton felt for deep luxurious comfort. It was finished in a beautiful Copenhagen blue linen and is now bracing itself for the teenage years.....