The chair with broken webbing The chair with broken webbing The chair re-webbed and with the springs replaced The chair with the new springs lashed The chair showing the first stuffing The first stuffing sealed with hessian The chair showing the stitched edge The chair showing the second stuffing The second stuffing covered in cotton felt The chair at the calico stage A detail of the completed chair showing the new trim The finished chair in all its glory The finished chair

Techniques Used in This Project

Traditional Upholstery Traditional upholstery
French Polishing Polishing

French Throne Chair


This beautifully carved old chair belongs to a client in the heart of Brittany. It is covered in a hand made embroidery both ancient and beautiful. Sadly the webbing had broken and the springs had fallen out the bottom of the chair, resulting in the seat sinking and being unusable.


This was a true restoration project where the structure of the upholstery had to be renewed but the original cover be re-fitted precisely as before. The base was removed, and the chair cleaned and the wood revived and polished.


New webbing was installed. The springs were re-tied, lashed in place and covered. The original horsehair was washed and used to stuff the chair before a firm edge was stitched in the traditional way. The original hair was then re-used for the second stuffing before being covered in a thick layer of fresh cotton felt and calico.


The original tapestry was then reinstalled and the trim around the entire chair was renewed with a pretty passementerie bought from Paris en route.